Friday, 26 June 2009

Interview Day

Well arrived early for interview, walked around the hospital site until I eventually found where I needed to be (5 minutes before the interview). Had the interview where two people fired questions at me, that seemed to go well. Next onto the typing test, arrived in the room, was asked, have I audio typed before (this was listed as one of the skill necessary to apply) answered in the affirmative, oh good they said as the other two candidates had never audio typed before!

So seemed to breeze through the test, left, went and bought him some new underwear. Got home, cleaned up the dog pee, had some lunch, mobile phone rang, I GOT OFFERED THE POSITION.

I am no longer unemployed. Need to lie down and put cold flannels on my face.


1 comment:

  1. I think it is fantastic... Did they only have you three apply for the job? If so that is strange... oh and you have to change your *About Me* as you are no longer and unemployed mother!!

    Well done... when do you start.

    Haha.. you sound like me.. when I go out I tend to shop for everyone else but myself!

    Well done! :)