Friday, 26 June 2009

Interview Day

Well arrived early for interview, walked around the hospital site until I eventually found where I needed to be (5 minutes before the interview). Had the interview where two people fired questions at me, that seemed to go well. Next onto the typing test, arrived in the room, was asked, have I audio typed before (this was listed as one of the skill necessary to apply) answered in the affirmative, oh good they said as the other two candidates had never audio typed before!

So seemed to breeze through the test, left, went and bought him some new underwear. Got home, cleaned up the dog pee, had some lunch, mobile phone rang, I GOT OFFERED THE POSITION.

I am no longer unemployed. Need to lie down and put cold flannels on my face.


Thursday, 25 June 2009


Have been up in the loft getting out all the books I have stored there, I didn't realise quite how many I have accumulated up there. It does not help that and keep adding to the collection. I am in the process of rereading books, some of them are like old friends and I enjoy rereading them.

My husband has told me that I have to get rid of some, HE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND HOW DIFFICULT THIS IS FOR ME!!!!! When we moved to Lincolnshire I got rid of loads, and have subsequently hunted around all the secondhand book shops and charity shops to replace them.

Anyway I have made a start on sorting through the bookshelves for books to get rid of and have half a black sack already.

Having a rest now and reading a Jayne Ann Krentz that I got from the loft this weekend. Then I suppose I will have to concentrate on what to have for dinner.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Mouse, The Slug and Preparing for Interview

Yesterday I woke up at 0400 to go to the toilet, walked out of my bedroom, stood on a dead mouse, curtesy I assume of one of my cats, very unpleasant. Then as I was taking the mouse downstairs to dispose of stood on a slug in the hall, probably one of the cats brought that in too.

After disposing of dead mouse and slug (which after I stood on it was probably dead too) I was wide awake, so at 0420 I was drinking tea and reading.

Husband's car was in for a service (£165.00), but got a phone call about an hour after we dropped it off......... eventually the total cost was £563.63 (this is without the cam belt replaced - another £380.00).

While he was ranting about the cost, I was filling in yet another application form, have just got to the point where they ask tell us you experience, giving examples, and the worse one of all why you want the job (why do they think!) Will have to complete it today when my brain is more awake.

As well as that I had to take a passport photograph of myself to my son's school so that the Headteacher could sign it and a form saying that she had known me for more than three years and that I was who I said I was. All this is even before I get a whisper of the job I have an interview for on Friday. All the way through Boston, 30 minute typing test, and then the interview. I am trying not to be too hopeful, I have had about 7 interviews since I was laid off at the end of January, still no joy.

While I was waiting for my son to come home from school had another phone call from a company I had sent my CV to, an interview next Tuesday. Pick myself up and prepare myself for this interview, research on the internet about the company etc. Maybe I ought to set up a support group for other people in the same boat as me?

Well thank you for reading this.

More about my failure, I mean life later


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hello all.

This is the first post to my Blog, I am not sure what I will blog about, but hopefully it will flow. I am currently rereading some of my book collection. I am reading anything from Laurell K Hamilton to Dean Koontz to Nigel Slater ( I enjoy reading cookery books at night). I enjoy eating ( I certainly live to eat not eat to live) hence my attempts to adapt some of my favourite chef's receipes to more low fat version.

More tomorrow.

See Ya