Saturday, 19 February 2011

Lazy Afternoon

Husband and two of the children at Football this afternoon, have just sat, read, surfed the net but then had to start thinking about dinner. I have prepared the chilli and the bread dough is proving. The dog has been fed and I have to take him for his walk, its cold and wet outside so not particularly keen at the moment (unfortunately was mugged by a packet of biscuits, so should exercise or else slimming world weigh in could be a gain).

I hope that the weather will be more condusive to exercise tomorrow.

Will have to start preparing for my interview on Monday afternoon, but the books are too good.

Friday, 18 February 2011


Wondering why it is that just when you are feeling comfortable in your life, job etc. it all seems to go tits up.

I work for the NHS my husband works for the MOD. Seems like we are treading water and the sharks are circling.

Back to checking job websites etc.

Great start to the New Year.

Makes you wonder if someone is laughing up their sleeve at us all.