Saturday, 4 July 2009

Husband, Children Urghhhhhh

Husband was not in a good mood today, too hot, too this too that, I have the audacity to actually ask him a question when he was watching the rugby, what a mistake that was, so I retired to the Summerhouse in the garden to avoid being in the same room as him while the rugby was on so I would not be tempted to interact with him in any way.

Rugby over I asked if he could collect the eldest from her friends, lots of tutting and stomping, I said that I would go if he could put the quiches in the oven, but he decided that he would collect her.

Now the fun began, you could not even walk across the girls room so I decided it was time to clear up, sulks, shouting, why should we, its our room, and so on. Threats of taking the lap tops shut them up, also Emily had asked for the Heroes series box set which had arrived so another lever for me to ensure that the room was tidied.

They went up stairs, one black sack of rubbish, lots of shouting and arguing between themselves the girls insisted that the room was done, the room is still not finished to my satisfaction, they have both promised that it will be completed tomorrow (I doubt that this will be done but I live in hope). I have decided that I will record all the spil about tidying rooms and other stuff to save my voice.

The Husband came with me on the walk with Rusty, I said that it was fine, but he insisted and them sighed and complained about the heat. When we got home he said he was glad to be going to work tonight as they have air conditioning (he had been complaining last week that it was too cold, I think that he is going through the male menopause) I hope that he will be in a better mood when he comes home.

I have to go the Job Centre on Monday to get signed off, as I mentioned in a previous post I HAVE A NEW JOB, that should be fun. I still have not received a confirmation letter from the NHS recruitment people, but I have an email from Carol Platt who I will be working with. Will blog about that after Monday.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Haven't blogged lately as trying to get the garden sorted and appreciate the sunshine while its here.

So enjoying myself before I start my new job on 13th July, sorted out borrowing the car from my parents for when husband at work and other logistical problems.

It feels better being at home knowing that I am finally going to work in just under two weeks.

Will try to keep up with the blog more regularly from now on, will also have to take off all this weight that has accumulated since February so that should be eventful.