Thursday, 25 June 2009


Have been up in the loft getting out all the books I have stored there, I didn't realise quite how many I have accumulated up there. It does not help that and keep adding to the collection. I am in the process of rereading books, some of them are like old friends and I enjoy rereading them.

My husband has told me that I have to get rid of some, HE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND HOW DIFFICULT THIS IS FOR ME!!!!! When we moved to Lincolnshire I got rid of loads, and have subsequently hunted around all the secondhand book shops and charity shops to replace them.

Anyway I have made a start on sorting through the bookshelves for books to get rid of and have half a black sack already.

Having a rest now and reading a Jayne Ann Krentz that I got from the loft this weekend. Then I suppose I will have to concentrate on what to have for dinner.

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  1. What about selling them on ebay? Or donating some to hospitals... or just hide them so hubby can't moan! Goodness they can do that sometimes.. find something he has and tell him it is time to get rid of it and see how he reacts! lol